What if Qmatic handled Coachella?

By connecting people to services through Orchestra 7 we could create a smoother festival experience around personalized preferences and collective behavior.

What if Qmatic ran the service connections at Coachella, or any other big festival for that matter? What if you could have more time for the music and hanging out with your friends, and less hassle with all the aspects of festival survival? You might not think of it as a ”customer journey” but it is. Sure, it’s a special case, a ”festival journey”, and that really is a journey for many visitors in the true sense of the word, starting long before the event takes place and from locations far away. The good people that organize festivals do try to ease the logistic bottlenecks with tech solutions, but there’s still so much more they could do to facilitate the festival journey. If they had the Orchestra 7, that is.

So, I hear you ask, what more could be done with the Orchestra 7?
Well, for starters, how about a guarantee that you will always know where to go to get the quickest possible access to whatever service you need at the moment. Want to check in before arriving? Done. Have a beer? Sure, here’s the optimal choice based on your location and the number of visitors at the available bar areas. Want to bring your friends along? OK, we’ll factor in their locations too. Wristband malfunctioning? Here’s your ticket in the shortest line for technical assistance. Hungry? Get in line for a burrito with a click, the system will tell you when it’s time to go pick it up depending on the logged orders and the walking distance.

And a lot of times you wouldn’t even need to state your wish explicitly. The system knows the optimal order in which to proceed with check-ins, parking, places to stay, and so on. It predicts sales based on historical data and temperature predictions so vendors can stock up on cold drinks in time before you suddenly realize you want to buy a Coke. If you went last year, and opted in to have your data stored in a secure GDPR-compliant manner, you could get suggestions on deals and special offers that might suit you.

There’s probably only one thing we couldn’t tweak with flow management in Orchestra 7; the weather. But hey, you’re in the Colorado desert. Bring an umbrella. For shade.

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