Erasmus MC and Qmatic strengthen partnership

Erasmus Medical Centre, one of the top medical centers in the Netherlands and Qmatic, the leader in customer journey management technology, have taken steps to further strengthen their partnership to further improve the patient experience in the hospital.

Pushing boundaries

Erasmus MC focuses on providing care of exceptional quality. They aim to achieve this by pushing existing boundaries and continued innovation so that they – together with partners such as Qmatic – are able to better fulfill patient demands and provide excellent quality care.

The outpatient clinic for blood tests and blood withdrawal of the Erasmus MC has been working with Qmatic Orchestra, for managing the flow of patients, for some time now. Soon, this clinic will move to, not one but two, new locations in the new hospital building that Erasmus MC has been developing for the past the past years. The customer journey management platform Orchestra is integrated with the Labtrain application from Bodegro, that further improves the efficiency in the process of guiding patients through to the right service. The Ear Nose and Throat clinic (ENT) and the admission desk will also move to Orchestra.

“Erasmus MC is one of the best medical centers in the Netherlands and they aim to continuously improve the care to all patients that visit the hospital. To be able to achieve this all prerequisites have to be of top quality so that medical staff can focus on what they are trained to do for. Managing the patient flow is our care, says Renze de Ruiter, general director Qmatic.