cohnIT 2018 - the real trends behind the hype

There’s a lot of hype in the media about future tech, but healthcare professionals focus on the things that create value in the Patient Journey. Here. Now.

Yes, we all know it’s going to be AI, biochip implants, and robots in the future. But what really caught the attention of healthcare professionals at this year´s conhIT were the things that are ready for implementation here and now:

Check-in: Simplified admission processes with pre-filled out forms.
Verification: Quick digital signing to verify identities of patients.
Personalization: Door signage solutions and multi-language info-displays.
Notification: Prompt notification of patients via digital scheduling tools and messaging services.
Quick-synch: QR-code identification on kiosks via synchronization of EMR calendars.

There’s a lot going on in Patient Journey optimization right now. If you want to know to know more, just shout. We’re here to help!