Landkreis Saarlouis reduces waiting times with Qmatic

The administrative district of Saarlouis handles all the approval processes for vehicles including registration, renewal of badges, de-registration, name and address changes, technical modifications and special permits. Other areas of responsibility include driver's licenses and driving lessons, heavy and high-capacity transports, enforcement services for registration and passenger transport.

Lankreis SaarlouisThe vehicle registration authority has a huge number of customers to handle on a daily basis. On top of this, there are peak periods to deal with.

Customers can now book appointments online for one or more procedures at a time. By arranging as many appointments online as possible, the flow of visitors can be managed and waiting times reduced.

Customers with appointments now have to wait virtually no time at all. Thanks to the QR code, spontaneous customers can work around the waiting time and make better use of it. Employees can see − when they start work − how many customers with appointments will arrive that day and can therefore work around these appointments accordingly.

It is expected that customer flows will be managed more efficiently and that there will be greater predictability for staffing in future.

Read the full case study here (PDF document, 537 kB)