Qmatic Partners with Swedish Company Shortcut Labs for Seamless Customer Experience Using Wireless Smart Button “Flic”

The Swedish company Qmatic, a global leader in customer journey technology and insights, is announcing today at the world’s largest retail conference – The National Retail Federation’s “Retail’s BIG Show” in New York City – a new partnership with Shortcut Labs, the company behind the wireless smart button, Flic.

This partnership means that store associates can access important functions in Qmatic’s mobile app through a wireless click of a physical button.

“The solution gives store associates a shortcut to mobile functions without having to use the actual phone, removing a potential distraction between the store associate and the customer being served,” explains Qmatic’s CMO Sven-Olof Husmark. “With Flic, the associate can now handle key functions in Qmatic’s mobile app, which is developed to help employees provide a quick and personal way to engage with customers in the store.”

Flic wireless buttons use Bluetooth smart technology to interact with a smart phone from a distance of up to 150 feet. Setting up a Flic button is a simple process that allows users to connect to many applications. The button was first developed to solve an acute and concrete problem:

“I wanted to stop using snus, a smokeless tobacco, but had no easy way of tracking my daily consumption. I created an app to track my behavior; it was a big button to tap whenever I gave in,” says Joachim Westlund, Flic’s CEO. “But the simplicity of the mobile interface was distorted by all the stuff required just to get to it—finding the phone, unlocking it, opening the app. That’s when I thought about extracting that simple command out of the phone and into a physical button—the simplest user interface imaginable,” Joacim Westlund says.

“We have been looking for a solution like this to enhance our app in certain situations, especially in retail. Sometimes customers mistakenly believe that the staff are doing private things such as surfing the Internet or checking Facebook when they are using the phone in the store. Flic allows staff to quickly and easily access basic functions in our app,” says Sven-Olof Husmark. “Shortcut Labs’ button is the best solution we have found, and it is a perfect match for Qmatic because we are both Swedish-founded companies in an aggressive global growth phase.”

The Flic button can immediately be integrated with the new and existing Orchestra 6 systems.

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