Qmatic Germany opens headquarters in Bocholt

Global leader in customer journey management establishes subsidiary in technology park

Bocholt, May 4, 2017 – Every year, 1.8 billion people in over 120 countries come into contact with solutions from Qmatic, the corporate group based in Mölndal in Sweden. Now Bocholt is also one of the company's strategically important locations: As from May 4, 2017, the subsidiary Qmatic Germany will be based at the technology park in Bocholt.

Further changes are also to be made in the innovation park: A second building is due to be constructed next to the Qmatic building, and the start of construction work will also be celebrated at an official ceremony on May 4, 2017. "This building paves the way for further growth and constitutes an investment in the future here at the innovation park," remarks Thomas Föcking.

Thomas FöckingThe changes in Konrad-Zuse-Straße at the technology park are clear to see: The previous NetCallUp logo on the facade of the building has been replaced by the Qmatic trademark and the brand is evident inside the building, too. Thomas Föcking, CEO of Qmatic Germany, explains the specific extent of the change: "As NetCallUp, we were already a member of the Qmatic Group, the global leader in customer journey management solutions. But now we are very proud to officially bear the name of Qmatic Deutschland GmbH. From here, we cover the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland." On May 4, 2017, the company will be celebrating this change with customers, representatives from industry and politics as well as representatives from the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Bocholt.

"With our solutions in the area of customer journey management, we have a successful track record in 120 countries. Under the corporate name of Qmatic Germany, Thomas Föcking and his team now form an important part of the global Qmatic Group," says Daniel Nergard (Senior Vice President Europe Middle East & Africa) from the Qmatic headquarters in Sweden. Clients in the public, retail, healthcare and finance sector are now being managed from Bocholt. "Our customers also include local and regional authorities as well as prestigious retail chains, banks and hospitals. The particular advantages of our solutions lie in the link between the real world and the web," explains Thomas Föcking. "By managing visitor flows and facilitating appointments, we make a considerable contribution to improved customer satisfaction in these areas," adds Daniel Nergard.

About Qmatic

Qmatic Group leads the market in customer journey management technology solutions. For more than 30 years, we have helped public and private organizations create remarkable customer experiences with software and hardware solutions that seamlessly connect online and onsite engagements. Our integrated enterprise platform and analytics provide the insights to better orchestrate customer interactions, offer timely promotions, and optimize staff and resource planning. Every year we enable 1.8 billion customer journeys across 120 countries. Qmatic has its headquarters in Sweden and is represented globally through a broad network of subsidiaries and partners, We are committed to Keeping the World in Go!

Qmatic Germany

As a subsidiary of the Qmatic Group, Qmatic Deutschland GmbH is responsible for customer journey management for the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With 20 members of staff, the company operates from the technology park in Bocholt (North Rhine-Westphalia). Customers include prestigious organizations and companies in the public sector, retail trade, healthcare industry and finance.

Further information can be found at www.qmatic.de.

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