Customer Journey Management at Retail's Big Week

Qmatic are excited to announce our partnership with Ipsos Retail Performance. Known for their traffic counting solutions, Ipsos are specialists in offering retailers in-depth analysis of footfall, conversion and customer behaviour within their stores. By capturing this data, Ipsos helps retailers identify behaviour trends and patterns to improve the customer experience and process efficiency.

The inclusion of Qmatic’s Customer Journey Management solution alongside insights from Ipsos’s traffic counters will provide a new depth of analysis and understanding to any retail service driven environment and provide a number of sizable benefits.

Enhancing efficiency

Traffic counting provides the retailer with a detailed understanding of the number of visitors a store receives (the opportunity). By combining this data with the transactional data from the store, management are able to understand the conversion rate, a clear indication of how well the store is able to convert browsers into buyers. Understanding the peak times for conversion and footfall can provide a strong direction for retailers looking to increase sales, as this allows them to manage their workforce and store more effectively to meet demand.

This logic can also be applied to understanding the traffic that passes through Qmatic’s Customer Journey Management solution. Identifying peaks and troughs in the number of customers seeking service and comparing this with the analysis of traffic and conversion throughout the day can help to streamline the customer in-store journey.

Identifying missed opportunities

Through this integrated approach, a retailer is also able to identify the level of missed opportunities, something that traffic and conversion analysis alone isn’t able to provide. By combining the average transaction value with the number of no shows for service, a retailer can clearly identify the value of missed opportunity and identify areas where the biggest improvements can be made. For example, an increase in ‘no shows’ could be an indication of a poor in-store experience for a particular area or service.

In-store journey management

Identifying which services are used most and which have the highest ‘no shows’ can also help to shape and improve the customer’s in-store journey. Does the journey support customer traffic? Are there enough staff to support demand? Is the wait and service time affecting customer experience / service? By answering these questions, retailers will be able to optimise the efficiency of the customer journey, increase satisfaction and gain ROI through increased sales.

The combination of Ipsos and Qmatic solutions provides retailers with a new level of insight and understanding of their store environment. This includes the ability to plan an effective and balanced staff schedule that meets demand and understands whether the customer journey is optimised to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Qmatic will be supporting Ipsos at NRF, Retail’s Big Show (17th-19th January, New York) on booth 642.