Even the smallest innovation can make a big difference

At Qmatic we constantly develop our services to help our customers and partners create seamless journey for their users. Quite often we find excellent examples of how our solutions have been implemented in an existing platform or as part of something new, unique and innovative.

The best solutions are awarded with the Qmatic Innovation Award. Our way of recognizing that high level of innovation in the global ecosystem that we pride ourselves to be part of.

Last year Česká Spořitelna was awarded with the prestigious title for developing and implementing a mobile app that allows customers to remotely take a ticket, book an appointment in advance and manage that appointment in a simple way. The solution not only supports their customers with a user friendly interface, but also helps employees managing the meetings.

In The Netherlands and The United States two winners was found within government. Utrecht City Hall created a truly remarkable single access point to information and service transaction. A One-stop-shop catering to all citizen needs. The New York DMV took control of the journey and managed to disrupt the general perception of a DMV service and turned unhappy visitors into raving fans providing 5-star rating in social media.

It’s early 2016 and we already see some very nice integrations between the online and onsite touch points. Improving business platforms and practices while delighting employees and customers.

The race is on.

Will your company be the one that wins the 2016 Innovation Award?