Qmatic – Virtual Systems Provider of the Month

Qmatic are proud to announce that we have been named as Virtual Systems Provider of the Month by Business and Industry Today.

After being featured in the previous issue as a Top 20 Exhibitor at the Pharmacy Show 2015, Business and Industry Today were excited by the Qmatic brand and solutions we demonstrated and the solutions Qmatic provide that they named us Virtual Systems provider of the month.

We are extremely happy to have been recognised for not only the hard work put into the Pharmacy Show by the team but for the work that Qmatic does day to day, providing cutting edge solutions that Keep the World in GO!

Featured in this issue is our latest virtual solution for the Cargo and Warehouse industry. Bringing the order to the vehicle delivery process, the Vehicle Journey Management solution allows companies to streamline their process for both drivers and staff. Eradicating delays through the use of a shared portal, staff can instantaneously share information on deliveries and drivers currently waiting and notify them through SMS notifications sent directly from the solution. This streamlines the process, enhances efficiency and reduces delays in information transfer between departments.

For more information on the Cargo and Warehouse solution, please contact or click here to read our article.

Qmatic is ever evolving and we are always looking to new technologies and seeing how we can utilise it to improve business processes. Our aim is to create a smooth-running journey that will optimise business efficiency and create a seamless experience for everyone.