New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) - halves waiting times, attains 95% customer satisfaction.

“I’m thrilled that this cutting-edge system was implemented as a model of customer service. This will provide immediate feedback from customers – positive or negative – and will serve as a key management tool for improving overall customer service and operational efficiencies” says Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico.

Qmatic's highly versatile system, which integrates technological advances and innovations, is revolutionizing the MVD's customer service operation for New Mexico's motoring public.


  • Slow, bureaucratic processing of ordinary matters.
  • Long waits and no feedback to citizens about how long the wait will be.
  • Poor opportunities to work proactively to improve citizen service.


  • Qmatic Orchestra Enterprise platform: Cinematic, and Expressia.
  • System that enables citizen to sign in on touch screens and indicate what they want help with.
  • Statistics and real-time alerts for management and staff.
  • Appointment booking via the internet.


  • Improved customer experience.
  • Optimized staff scheduling.
  • Streamlined services management – for individuals and society.

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