In the Qmatic global ecosystem, collaborations and capabilities connect to multiply the impact of solutions for clients around the world.

Across the globe, Qmatic establishes and maintains relationships with high value partners. The system value of this ecosystem goes beyond the world-class technologies we produce to generate a higher level of value through vital local knowledge and capabilities.

We engage a network of more than 100 partners and suppliers that develop world-class technologies, which augment our own groundbreaking solutions. Together they represent the strongest collection of customer journey management resources in the world.

Our structured approach to system design facilitates innovation and accelerates the pace of new solutions. Clearly defined integration points make it more efficient for Qmatic partners to introduce new components and widgets. Integrations are shared quickly, speeding value to our clients and growth opportunities for all of our partners.

Examples of Qmatic Global Ecosystem Integrations

  • BI Systems
  • Call Centers
  • CRM
  • Digital Signage
  • EPOS Systems
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • IP Phones
  • Mobile Applications
  • Workforce Management

The Powerful Sum of Many Parts

Qmatic has been an innovation leader from our very first virtual queuing solution in 1981. We have never slowed our pursuit to provide a breadth of offerings that work together to create the best possible customer experience in each and every environment.

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