Open sales and pre-sales positions in the US

We are expanding our business and are looking for persons with technical expertise and confidence in a customer facing role.

Sales Jobs

Why do we need you?

84% of leaders rank customer experience as critical for their operations. At Qmatic we're passionate about helping these leaders and their companies to create remarkable experiences. As the global market leader in our field we currently see a tremendous growth for our technology solutions and services.

We operate in a growing market category, we have the most modern enterprise and mobile platform in the business and we have a killer organization that knows much more about the market and our client’s business than any of our competitors – knowledge which we use to target C-level audience.

Now, we want to expand with more great sales and presales people. If you are still reading – you might be this person.

What we do at Qmatic

Build and sell great products. Reach 2 billion people using our systems every year in more than 100 countries. Improve experiences and grow the company. That’s basically what we’re doing at Qmatic. And you can do it, too. If you want to put your stamp on the customer experience management space and enjoy yourself along the way, come join the team.

This is Qmatic

If you like working in an entrepreneurial atmosphere where people are passionate about what they do and how they do it, where you and your colleagues take ownership for the end result and are dedicated for delivering measureable results. Then you have found the right place. At Qmatic each individual do make a true difference. We’re looking for seriously passionate, collaborative & innovative colleagues to help us in our quest.You will become part of a dynamic engaged team who share knowledge, are open for new ideas and understands the value of being honest and transparent. People are central in everything we do and we strongly believe that we get the best output when we are working together for a result using individual strengths. We show respect for others and not to forget we like to have fun at work!

What you will do

Your focus will be to help our existing and potential clients to improve their customer experience. Your role is to understand and identify customer needs and create solutions based on Qmatic’s product offering.

Working with sales means you will be responsible for sales activities as well as the strategic planning and execution of the immediate and long-term goals which in essence means increase of revenue, profit and market share goals as they relate to Qmatic’s overall strategy. Hereof, you will be provided with empowerment in your daily job and very much characterize the public image of the company.

Presales will support Sales with advice and expertise in everything from technical sales support and analysis, to documentation and configuration of Qmatic solutions. You are a driving force throughout the whole process from proposal to implementation at customer site and play a key role in handover to operations for an efficient implementation project.


What's your background?

We believe that attitude is what matters. You are not a person that wants to hide in the trenches. You want to be seen. You want to matter. You want to win – and win with the team. You are provided with energy through human interaction, which you use as fuel to drive and succeed with your projects.You have a strong drive to successfully strengthen Qmatic’s position and ensure that we remain the preeminent Customer Experience Management provider. You have also the ability to build and secure long-term relations, due to networking constitute the groundwork for success in the position. You are successful in selling solutions within the IT industry.

Besides the qualities already mentioned working as Pre-sales at Qmatic also means you need to have a strong IT-background. In our daily operations we implement and adapt our own products that is why skills in Java, JBoss, Java-Script, HTML XML are essential in this position.

What's Qmatic's approach to sales?

If you are still reading, you should really stop and call us now. The rest we will be able to tell you when we meet – in even greater detail. But to give you an idea…

We strongly believe in leading the sales dialogue with valuable insights. Insights that come from us having a passionate, sometimes obsessed, drive to understand the client and how we provide value. We look at situations, we dig, we engage in dialogue, we meet people, we visit customer sites, we do desktop studies, we read reports – then based on a well routed understanding of our own offering we approach the client with a relevant and valuable proposition. We drive with a challenger’s attitude - with insights, with professionalism – in line with our core values.

We win - our clients win. That’s it really.

And how do we compensate you?

Apart from your market based compensation you get a remarkable opportunity to make a difference in a global and market leading company. And don't forget the opportunity to show your global sales colleagues that it’s time for another sales person to step up and win the global sales competition and receive the reward from our CEO at our next annual conference – this year held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

So, do our solutions matter?

Think of a service organization that most of us love to hate; an organization that is known for not so good service and long wait times. But hey, think again. Qmatic’s mobile appointment solutions are fundamentally changing the perception of several service organizations around the world.

We are done, make your choice...

1) Call us now.

It might change you career. We are here, eager to meet you. We expect you to be equally prepared for this meeting as for a future client meeting representing Qmatic.

2) Stick to your current job.

We thank you for spending this time with us and wish you all the best. If you know someone else that could fill this position, we would be very grateful for your recommendation.

Want to know more about the job?

Please contact for more information.