Chances are if an organization has a smooth, pleasant customer journey, Qmatic is the source.

Our technology systems and analytics connect customers, employees and brands in the most productive interactions.

Qmatic Group is the global leader in customer journey technology solutions and insights. We pioneered the concept more than 30 years ago. Today, across more than 120 countries, organizations rely on Qmatic and our network of global partners to deliver fulfilling interactions for customers, patients, citizens, and employees.

We exist to create better customer journeys. Our powerful, scalable software platforms and hardware systems work in harmony to streamline every engagement point online and onsite, from pre-arrival through post-service feedback. For financial institutions, retailers, healthcare providers, and public organizations, this approach gives customers the resources to accomplish tasks with ease, and gives employees the resources they need to do fulfilling work at optimal productivity.

The result is a higher performing environment, operational efficiencies, improved brand loyalty, and a stronger bottom line.

Qmatic Group is the global leader in customer journey technology solutions and insights

Qmatic got our start in Mölndal, Sweden in the midst of a particularly hectic lunch crowd.

The food was good. The dining environment was not. Restaurant owner Rune Sahlin needed a solution that would improve the experience for his customers and employees. It would require a better way to process orders, inform chefs, and alert diners when their meals were ready. He knew that if he could achieve this goal, his business would grow through loyal diners and word of mouth.

It was 1981, and no such solution existed. With a strong sense of purpose, Sahlin and his business partner Per-Martin Petterson created the world’s first electrical queue system. Then in the 1990’s, Martin Christie and Terry Green applied their research of linear queues in UK Post offices to create the first voice-based call forward system. Both inventions successfully reduced customer wait times and improved operations.

Qmatic was born from the spirit of these pioneers. In 1996, Qmatic received ISO 9001 certification. The business was earning accolades for quality management, including customer focus, process orientation and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

By 2007, Qmatic had become the company it is today. We are a strong global organization built on a commitment to quality, populated by a strong ecosystem of world-class partners, and fiercely dedicated to creating better customer experiences.

Today, we continue to push the cutting edge forward with a powerful, flexible ecosystem of customer journey technologies and powerful data insights. It is that tireless enthusiasm that drives us to remain the leading provider of customer journey management technology solutions in the world.