Delight is universal. How you lead customers, patients, citizens, and your employees to that feeling is not. Deliver interactions that leave people feeling fulfilled and positive about your brand.

Qmatic understands that each industry has a unique customer journey. We have identified the specific outcomes and interaction points that produce optimal results for organizations in the retail, healthcare, financial, and public sectors. With that understanding, we put the right pieces in the right places.

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Inside each of your branches, the right experts are waiting to satisfy the unique needs of your customers.

Qmatic customer journey technology solutions help banks and financial institutions delight customers with accurate, personalized attention. Streamline mobile, online, branch, and self-service channels to connect your customers with the best resources to service their needs.

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Make your patients comfortable at times when they’re most anxious, and equip your employees to care.

Qmatic gives healthcare providers the tools to preserve anonymity, protect integrity, and offer comfort from start to finish. We facilitate every engagement point. From online appointment management, to check-in kiosks and context marketing in the waiting environment, to immediate post-appointment patient feedback, patients experience a higher quality of care and your employees can provide a higher level of care.

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Outfit your online and onsite environments for a greater automation and productivity to delight citizens and staff.

Qmatic helps public organizations demonstrate that they value the needs and time of those they serve. Our customer journey technology solutions give citizens and employees shared control over appointments, keeping everyone informed, prepared, and able to work more efficiently toward a satisfying result.

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Clear a path to service, and you clear a path to profits.

Today’s consumers expect to have control over every point in their retail journey. Qmatic solutions are at work from pre-sale until post-completion. We help retail businesses integrate online to onsite with resources like Click & Collect, virtual and mobile queuing, and powerful business intelligence resources to drive continuous improvement.

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The Best Customer Experience in Your Industry

No matter what industry you’re in, a great customer experience connects the people you serve and the employees who meet their needs. Qmatic will give you the resources and insight to make that happen.

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