Today’s citizen expects to see their tax dollars translated into accessible, competent service – when and how they demand it, online or off.

Qmatic is helping to restore confidence in public institutions by providing the resources and insights government and civic organizations need to deliver service excellence and value.


Surprise and delight your constituents with a less stressful, more pleasant service experience.

  • Minimize appointment anxiety by giving the citizen control of online appointment management and check-in, and allowing them to register by ID number to preserve anonymity
  • Reduce actual and perceived waiting times with relevant communications via mobile, SMS and signage, ‘out of line’ waiting options, and digital engagement provided to entertain and inform
  • Improve service quality by matching citizens with skilled employees, based on data gathered through appointment management and post-service feedback
  • Post-service, invite citizens to provide immediate feedback about the service they have experienced, engaging them in driving customer service improvements

Automation, information and monitoring improve productivity and job satisfaction.

  • Maintain a relaxed environment with resources at every touch point to help the citizen move comfortably from appointment through post-service
  • Raise employee fulfilment and happiness by keeping them informed, matching them with citizens, facilitating communication, and enabling greater productivity
  • Improve resource, operations and budget efficiencies by monitoring and controlling appointment levels, matching employee capacity to volume, and setting alarms to monitor capacity management
  • Optimize space to accommodate higher volume and improved use of waiting space
  • Continuously drive improvements through real-time citizen feedback, and performance data and benchmark reports

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