Integrate and improve every touch point from pre-arrival through post-service.

Qmatic Customer Journey Management creates happier customers and employees. It begins at the moment of engagement and connects every online, mobile and physical interaction all the way through to gathering real-time feedback. Your team has the information and tools to personalize and streamline appointments. Your operations run more smoothly with integrated technology solutions and reliable analytics. And your customers enjoy a better experience from start to finish.

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Orchestra Business Intelligence

No matter how large or dispersed your organization, maintain command over every piece of the customer journey from a single point.

Orchestra is built with tightly integrated, customized modules and total ecosystem connectivity. It is the most powerful way to optimize productivity and satisfy your customers and employees.

  • Centralized control over user access, system functionality, and business intelligence
  • Distributed operations, installations, and upgrades with built-in network break tolerance
  • Integrated functionality, web-based installation, and assimilation with leading business platforms

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Getting the control and data you need to create a great, profitable customer experience doesn’t have to be complex.

Solo is a simple, extendable, fault-tolerant resource for organizations working to understand and streamline the customer journey within individual locations.

  • Self-contained components can be set up to function as needed in any environment
  • Simple, intelligent wireless, digital and hardware solutions generate efficiencies and analytics
  • Scalable and modular solutions allow you to expand the solution as your needs grow

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